Mylar bag – an incredible long-term packaging choice!

You have been told several times that Mylar bags are great for long-term food preservation and work well with vacuum sealing. But why is that? The answer to this query is a thick foil lamination coating which makes these mylar bags a fantastic packaging choice for food storage!

What is Mylar?

Mylar is a thin, flexible material that is nevertheless incredibly robust and durable. It’s puncture-proof and simple to use.

The bag’s opacity will also help to protect the nutrients in your food. When done correctly, food preservation may keep products edible for months or even years longer than standard food storage solutions. Using a Kraft mylar bag in combination with oxygen absorbent can extend the time of storage, and in certain cases, you can store food for up to 30 years!

Additional benefits of custom Mylar bags:

In addition to being a packaging source for food storage, zipper mylar bags can be used for a variety of purposes, including:

• Long-term foodstuff storage in times of emergency.

• Storage of guns and explosives (together with silica gel packs that absorb moisture rather than oxygen)

• Storage for Vacations

• House papers, official documents, and currency are all crucial paper documents that you can save in Mylar bag custom.

• Photographs, periodicals, graphic novels, summer camps, greeting cards, and literary works are all protected.

• Hiking and camping

• Footwear and apparel storage for a long time

• Spices and herbs that you can store in these bags for a long period.

• Tea and coffee items are packaged for marketing.

• pharmaceuticals and medical supplies

• Protecting metallic things like nuts and bolts from rusting.

Assists in your brand advertising:

Custom printed mylar bags are created to facilitate easy product promotion and to assist your brand to grow even further. As a result, a variety of printing choices, such as digital imaging, Flexo, and Rotogravure, are accessible.

You can also use custom direct print mylar bags, which can help you enhance sales by increasing product exposure

and client contact. If you want to print on your mylar bags, some helpful tips are below:

• Use inkjet handwriting on your custom printed mylar bag that is ideal for PET material rather than paper-adhesive.

• Gravure printing can help you save money if you’re printing in big volumes.

• If you have a task with a lot of distinct stock items, digital printing is perhaps the best way to go for your custom mylar bags with a logo.

Important Tips to follow:

You must follow the following tips if you want to keep your foodstuffs safer for a longer interval o time:

• Always label your storage bags:

Before you fill your mylar bags, remember to mark and date them. It might be difficult to see what’s inside a sealed bag once it has been sealed. Labeling your food storage bags immediately can help you avoid “mystery bags.”

Moreover, the use of custom mylar bags with a window is preferable because you can easily see your product from outside if you by chance forget to label it.

• Seal your Mylar Pouches immediately:

It’s critical to promptly seal the pouches so the oxygen absorbers can function correctly. An oxygen absorber takes about 2-4 hours to complete its task. You should, however, make every effort to close your Kraft Mylar bags as soon as possible. it is not recommended to keep oxygen absorbers out for more than 30 min; 10-20 minutes is enough. Otherwise, the oxygen absorbers may absorb too much outside air, leading to the malfunctioning of oxygen absorbers.