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A cold rainy spring has come to the city. The people have gathered at a department store that was about to go out of business because they received a mail that said that there were gifts on the floor of each and every department.

This is an April Fools joke, right?

The people who had opened their eyes wide opened them even wider after seeing someone run from inside the department store holding a tissue box with an acutely designed sheep character on it. They couldn’t believe this situation where everything you need pops up at the department store going out of business as an April Fool’s Day joke. Among those people were some cheeky fellows trying to look for more cheeky fellows among those gathered in search of free gifts.

“I did find a tissue box with acutely designed sheep character on it!” shouted that fellow into the crowd. “Didn’t you get one? I’ll give it to anyone who wants it, so come and take it!”

This department store was selling items no longer in use at discount prices or giving them away for free. Supposedly, there were gifts hidden on each floor of the department store. The people moved quickly while looking around cautiously; they were afraid that someone had gotten all the good stuff while they had been searching. They thought things like “What if this isn’t an April Fools joke and then some jerk has taken all the good stuff?” and “What if there aren’t any more gifts left by the time I get to my chosen spot?” They were continuously checking their surroundings for any gifts.

“Where are the items anyway?” asked some cheeky fellows with tired eyes, since it was already past lunchtime at this point.

A group of ladies wearing dresses with flower patterns on them had gathered in front of a jewelry counter decorated with flowers that would suit those outfits. There were necklaces, earrings, and rings that suited the taste of these ladies who love accessories made from natural materials like wood or shells instead of precious metal or stones. The women’s expressions brightened up as they looked over the lines of necklaces and earrings hanging on the display case like fruit on branches swaying in the breeze.

What are these? They look cute

“You can put them around your wrists or around your neck. Most of the items here are free, so feel free to take any you like!” replied the lady who appeared to be working there.

The ladies were satisfied with what they had found after searching for over an hour and started happily chatting away about their treasures. The people until now used to being caught up in all kinds of trouble were happy even though it was only a tissue box that had been given away freely. These people then moved on into other departments at random… I should calm down too before I start sounding like one of those geezers complaining about young people nowadays. By the way, where do I work? I guess it would be at a bank.” they said, and that is what they found as they walked through the department store. They didn’t find any items of value like jewelry or art collections; instead, they found small trinkets such as tissue boxes with cutely designed animals on them, teacups and forks featuring historical stories about their nation’s past heroes, notebooks with interesting quotes from famous people printed on them or leather cases for tablets made from repurposed old baseball gloves. Everyone was satisfied after finding gifts like these.

The people were laughing and chatting away happily until the lights suddenly went out and screams could be heard throughout the entire building. The building’s electricity had gone out.