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An hour later, the landlord arrived with a couple of burly men in tow. They smashed down the door and found her twisted body lying on the kitchen floor. There was blood everywhere. It looked like she had opened one of the gas taps and then used it to ignite Perfect Smile herself in some sort of suicide pact. The police were called and an ambulance arrived soon after that. Luckily, there was still a heartbeat when they got there and so they rushed her to the hospital where she was wheeled straight into surgery.

It turned out that she had suffered 2nd-degree burns on 55% of her body, including her face which would need grafting to become fully functional again, but luckily for everyone involved she hadn’t set the fire with herself inside the house, so she didn’t die in the blaze. She spent 6 months in hospital recovering and slowly regaining her sanity.

She became a recluse when she got out of the hospital. She refused to leave the house after what had happened, almost like she was afraid of something terrible happening again if she did. The longer it went on for though, the more her friends started to worry that maybe something really was wrong with her, especially since she would rarely come out during the day anymore- only at night- which is usually when people are most vulnerable anyway. Her doctor prescribed antidepressants but they didn’t seem to do anything except make her sleep all day long…

Her family decided enough was enough. After 6 months she had barely said a word to them. The only person she ever really seemed to speak to was her doctor, who could no longer help her since he wasn’t even allowed to see her anymore after she stopped coming in for appointments- leaving only the family and close friends behind. They decided that it would be best if they moved away for a while so she could get some space and time to herself without constant reminders of what happened.

The point where decisions are made is often revealed by examining smaller moments that come before them. Imagine how different things might have been if Marianne’s parents had canceled the trip when they were supposed to, or if they’d let her go on vacation with them instead of trying to force therapy on her, or if they’d never moved to the house in the first place…

That was what it came down to. The last straw. While they were packing up all their belongings ready for the long journey back home- Marianne was nowhere to be found. Eventually, they received a call from one of Marianne’s friends who had come over to check on her since she hadn’t been responding to anyone else and yet she still wasn’t answering her phone or door either.

The police investigated but no trace of her could be found at the house aside from the normal everyday objects like clothes and shoes which she would normally Physiotru heart attack defense wear out walking around town. They scoured every inch of that place looking for any sign as to where she might.