Beach House Teen Dream Review

If the 2021 single “Once Was” had any hints for Beach House’s next album, it would grow by itself. This track focuses on piano melody/duos. Reminiscent of the more lively melody in the 60s performances such as The Beatles. The song with the beach boy may not impress people immediately, but after repeated listening, the true charm and beauty of this song began to show. Unfortunately, this version of the album left Victoria Legrand with an almost sweet side, reiterating “today, every day”.

If Beach House (Baltimore duo Victoria Legrand and Alex Scally) brought the spirit of the 60s into a powerful tune. They will be much slower than most people dare to do. Just like Grizzly Bear’s Veckatimest, the rhythm has never really surpassed the rhythm, making Teen Dream an album, and it will take a while to enter the “Veckatimest” skin. You but when it happens you need a longer time to stop the addiction. It’s no surprise that Beach House produced songs similar to Grizzly Bear; the two bands toured together (Legrand sang Grizzly Bear Two Weeks and Slow Life). In an interview in 2009, Grizzly Bear lead singer Ed Droste claimed that Beach House is his favorite band.

As soon as the album opened, Zebra quickly showed Alex Scally’s love for a clean but boring guitar. This guitar seemed to sparkle, with Legrand’s vocals in second place, more reminiscent of the young Cat Power. With simple drumming, pickup, guitar, and atmospheric keyboard, the entire album received a special gift of the band’s attractive melody. This template gave the album undeniable empathy, but it also made it difficult for the album to be truly loved. Because you tend to think that every track sounds the same.

The third song and first single Norway are probably the best songs on the album. Based on the sultry accompaniment and the rumble of the instrument. It wasn’t until entering a brilliant choir that Legrand’s relatively high backing vocals contrasted sharply with her usual singing style. This effect was repeated in an album closer to Take Care, in which Legrand reiterated the sentence, “I will take care of you, take care of you, this is true”, and at the same time blend with yourself to get a powerful result.

Teen Dream pays great attention to atmosphere and melody, but songs like Lover of Mine show an amazing love for riff, not just emotionally driven chords. Although the opening theme song of “My Valentine” does not belong to the category of head strikes that are often associated with prank art. It looks effortless, gorgeous, and one of the moments that stands out from the first listening.

Victoria Legrand’s singing will attract you to this album. Whether it is under the reverberation and surround of musical instruments like “Walk in the Park”, or bursting out after the second chorus of “My Valentine”; they always actively participate and generously provide the audience with emotion. Similar to Bat for Lashes singer Natasha Khan, Victoria Legrand has a special talent that can make ordinary situations and events unforgettable. Just using the power of her voice is extraordinary (see walking in the park).

The previous albums Beach House and Devotion often hinted that Beach House has the potential to release an album full of fantasy pop classics, and “Teen Dream” is when they fulfilled their original promise. It’s hard to think of this album as anything other than classics. After you have a deep understanding of that warm and comfortable feeling, Beach House is expected to become one of the most-watched bands in 2010, and I hope they can continue for a long time.