How Much Does It Cost to do a Laundry Room Renovation in Adelaide?

There was a time when renovating your laundry room didn’t require so much thought.

For starters, there were very few options to choose from; it was either this or that. And because you already knew what to expect, there was no room for market prices to fluctuate. For that reason, renovation costs were more or less stable and easy to predict.

Furthermore, most renovations only involved core repairs such as

  • Wall cracks repairs
  • Plumbing systems inspections, repairs, and replacements
  • Flour dents repairs
  • Wiring
  • Wall painting
  • Ceiling repairs
  • Rooftop repair
  • Shelving; installation, inspection, repairs, and replacements
  • Other related repairs

There was hardly anything more beyond these core repairs.

But those days are far gone behind us. Today, laundry rooms are more advanced and more functional, thanks to technology. There are plenty of options to choose from; you can remodel your space into a whole new structure. Laundry room renovation costs have become so unpredictable because of the uniqueness of every project.

If you plan to renovate your laundry, you need to know the cost beforehand to avoid any surprises or disappointments. To figure that out, you need to identify all your needs. Then, research the current market prices and the trends. In short, it all depends on your tastes and preferences.

There are numerous ways to go about it, and in this article, we’ll use the simplest. We’ll determine the total cost based on how you decide to go about your renovation. Here you can either choose to DIY (Do it yourself) or hire a professional.

Laundry Renovation Cost in Adelaide: DIY Option

According to recent research, you can expect to spend approximately $2,000 to renovate a small laundry room, and $3,000 on a larger one. That is if you decide to go the DIY way.

Some of the projects you can easily handle include

  • Painting
  • Arranging your laundry space
  • Shelving

But if you need to replace your plumbing system or anything complicated, you might have to hire a professional.

Going DIY has its advantages. It gives you more freedom to decide how you want your laundry room to turn out. However, you will need to have some limits as to what you can do. Leave the things you can’t understand to the professionals.

Laundry Renovation Cost in Adelaide: Hiring a Professional

If you lack the confidence, or the time to DIY your laundry renovation, you will need to hire a professional for assistance. Of course, the total cost will be higher in this case than in DIY.

According to a recent report, you can expect to pay approximately

  • $16,000 for a low-end laundry renovation
  • $17,500 for a mid-range laundry renovation
  • $19,000 for a high-end laundry renovation

Sometimes the cost can go as high as $25,000 depending on the specific project.

While doing the budgeting for your laundry renovation project, you must include the cost of new laundry appliances and fittings. These include

  • A dryer; $500- $2,500 depending on the size and the brand
  • Sink; $100-$500 depending on the design
  • Topware; $50-$100
  • An exhaust fan; $30-$90


When it comes to laundry renovations, it is not only about what you want. It is also about what you can afford. Knowing the cost is the right place to start budgeting for your project. It will give you a rough idea of what to expect and help you determine the best course of action. That could be anything including,

  • To proceed with the project.
  • To postpone the project.
  • Look for alternative financing, i.e., applying for a new loan, or refinancing your mortgage.