Ravishing Ideas to Embrace Your vape cartridge Boxes to Appreciate Your Sales

Vapes are regulated devices that use lithium-ion batteries to regulate voltage. However, with consistent output and excellent battery life, the custom vape cartridge packaging give you flexibility in coil design and tons of options.

Various packaging companies work hard to ensure that the customers can choose from an impressive variety of price points, finishes, and features.

However, select the features that matter to you, from temperature control and wattage to e-liquid capacity. Moreover, if you’re looking for a bundled package, you can trust the packaging companies that offer options with perfect compatibility and top-of-the-line features.

The manufacturers offer the biggest selection and the best products. So, adopt great ideas to embrace your vape cartridge packaging box amazingly.

The following are some of the ways you can adopt for enhancing your vape boxes.

Choose the Best Material for Vape Packaging

There are diverse materials available in the market for your vapes. However, get according to your choice. Moreover, you are free to avail of eco-friendly materials as they are good for the environment and atmosphere.

Go for availing of various printing options as well by which you can embrace your vape cart packaging. Therefore, convey the design of your nice artwork to the experts available in the market and receive your products wrapped in nice boxes.

The following are popular materials which are in trend nowadays.

Kraft Material

Kraft material is enough sturdy material to protect your vapes from the adverse effects of the environment. It is a biodegradable and eco-friendly material for manufacturing your packaging for vape cartridges

Furthermore, Kraft materials are very lightweight. So, it is easy to carry kraft boxes. However, the Kraft material box is good enough to protect the products.

Card Stock Vape Box

The cardstock material is also light in weight. However, due to its good texture, the printing options look amazing on it. Moreover, you can modify the box shape according to the product. Further, it supports local shipments, and you can customize the box amazingly.

You can also focus on the cardboard packaging for vape cartridges. It is a durable and sustainable material.

Corrugated Vape Box

This type of material box is thicker than cardstock and kraft materials. However, you can enhance the thickness of the corrugated sheet according to the product dimensions.

This type of box embraces the international shipment really well. It comprises liner boards and flutes. Moreover, you can customize the thickness of the flutes as there are different types of flutes from which you can choose.

Rigid Vape Box

The rigid boxes are of a high standard. So, you can customize these boxes to make them look more eye-catching. The rigid material box is preferable for international shipments.

You can also use the rigid box for a luxurious range and for gift boxes as well. However, you can avail of any style and size in this type of box according to your vape cartridge size.

Elaborate Vape Boxes by Putting on Coatings.

You can make your vape cartridge packaging look more stunning, by inscribing beautiful finishes by which you can avail different kinds of finishes to make vape boxes look attractive.

However, applying coating on the boxes is a great approach to lock in the ink of the boxes. So, it protects products from external climatic damages. Therefore, to lock the color of the product, you need to apply a nice coating over it.

The coatings available in the market are matte and glossy. Moreover, the matte coating gives a satin kind of finish, and the gloss gives a shiny appearance.

The gloss coating provides a shiny attractive finish. However, it also embraces the box to shine in the light. However, this box looks more attractive.

Whereas, the matte coating gives a deep color finish and does not reflect in the light. Moreover, it doesn’t have an appearance like a shiny coating. However, it gives a decent appearance to the box.

Add Great Printing Options on the Vape Boxes

There are various printing options and ideas which you can inscribe on the vape cartridge boxes. However, avail enticing printing patterns to make your boxes look alluring. Hence, the following are four great features that you can avail of for your custom boxes.

  • Spot UV Hot Stamping
  • Die-Cutting
  • Embossing & Debossing
  • PVC Window Die-Cut

Look for the Cost-Effective Approach for Your Boxes

If you want to buy more boxes at the same time, then buy vape boxes in bulk; moreover, you can avail affordable boxes to save your cost.

Hence, there are many companies offering special discounts for wholesale vape cartridges boxes. It is a cost-effective approach to have boxes in wholesale quantity. Moreover, you can have boxes in your chosen material for encasing your vapes, however, with the help of the best packaging company.

You can inscribe various graphical prints and hues to create your vape boxes look awesome. Like this, you can customize it beautifully to make the packaging look attractive.

Hire a Competent Company

In order to have great vape packaging, it is really essential to hire a competent company. Nowadays, there are various packaging companies in the market. However, select a good one for vape boxes customization.

Moreover, you can avail of the wholesale option as it will be considered a budget-friendly approach. There are lots of experts in this field who can design your boxes eye-catching.

Good companies always send a mock-up video for your ease of understanding the packaging. So, hurry up, choose the best packaging company for your vape boxes, and make people fall in love with your alluring packaging.

Tricks You can follow while having great vape boxes

         Make sure that your packaging provides a comfort zone for the vape mods.

         Always be choosy in case of printing.

         Make sure the printing on the vape packaging never overlaps or gets fainted.

         Focus on the addons; make sure the shining never cross its boundaries.