Terms and Conditions of the Assets Loan

I declare that:

  1. I undertake to update in writing and / or electronic channels that the BANK has regarding:
    Registered signatures, whenever the BANK deems it convenient (always in person).
    The data reported in this application before each change of the same.
    Modifications and revocation of powers, their loss, theft or theft.
    The version of the National Identity Document (always in person).
    Affidavit of Politically Exposed Person (PEP´S)
    Affidavit of Obliged Subjects before the Financial Information Unit.
  2. I declare in the nature of an AFFIDAVIT that the proceeds of the loan will not be used for the placement of investments in fixed term deposits in the Bank, nor for the acquisition of foreign currency.
  3. I will not give the funds another destination than the one denounced and that I oblige myself to verify it when the Bank requires it, giving my consent for the pertinent verifications to be carried out. In the event that I refuse, without just cause, to provide or facilitate those verifications or that carried out it turns out that there was falsehood in the information provided when requesting the credit, or that the money obtained was misused, I will cancel the debit balance immediately after I was required by the Bank.
  4. I will comply in time with the presentation of all documentation, that even after the loan is settled, it is requested by the Bank in compliance with the objectives of the line by which the loan is agreed to.
  5. I consider myself notified that I am obliged to reimburse the entire amount received in loan, plus the agreed interests and corresponding taxes, within the term I have chosen, by paying the amount of monthly and consecutive repayments that correspond, in accordance with the repayment term chosen. The installments will be calculated using the so-called “French System” and will be made up of the following concepts: capital amortization, interest service and applicable taxes.
  6. I consider myself notified and I agree so that the interests corresponding to the first installment are calculated by the BANK on the amount of the agreed credit, at the agreed rate and for the period between the loan’s effective date and the fixed day of the month for the expiration of the aforementioned installment.
  7. I give my consent, in case of execution of the loan that I request, for the BANK to designate the auctioneer who will auction the assets that I will seize as a result of the action.

    I am also expressly notified that:

  8. In all cases, the Bank reserves the right to verify faithful compliance with the conditions under which the loans were granted and the proper use of the same. Misuse of funds will result in my future exclusion from this or other credits.
  9. Failure to comply with any of the agreed conditions is a matter of full right upon the expiration of the term, without the need for prior interpellation, resulting in the full maturity of the operation.
  10. Whoever signs this commitment, assumes the aforementioned obligations jointly and directly.
  11. The payment of interest will be in the same amount of services and with identical maturities as those chosen for the amortization of capital. The Fixed Interest Rate that will accrue the loan object of the present will be the one consigned in the Application.
  12. The calculation of interest will always be made on capital balances and for the first interest service, said calculation will be made for the period between the loan’s effective date and the date agreed for the first maturity.
  13. In the event that it ceases to receive the assets through the BANK, the latter is expressly authorized to adjust the fixed or agreed compensatory interest, until the total and effective cancellation of the debt. Interest will be received net of any deduction for any concept, including taxes. From that moment on, the interest rate established in regulation N ° 566 – Free Destination Nation – or the one that in the future will replace it according to the corresponding user type will be applied.
  14. I undertake and oblige to present proof of payment of all my social security and tax obligations when required by the Bank and at its simple request.
  15. Non-compliance with the presentation will empower the creditor Institution to consider the expired term of the loan and demand its cancellation.
  16. In the event that the Bank decides to accept extraordinary capital repayments, the obligation to continue paying, from the month following said payments, the successive monthly and consecutive installments in accordance with the liquidation practiced by the Bank will not be suspended; and I give my consent for the shortening of the term that occurs as a result of said extraordinary payments.
  17. Failure to comply with the obligation to pay the installments on a monthly and consecutive basis in accordance with the aforementioned, implies the default of the debt in its entirety and empowers the Bank to declare it as expired, without the right to request the repayment of the payments. made as early extraordinary repayments.
  18. In the event of any judicial or extrajudicial measure, which in the sole judgment of the Bank could cause the decrease or alteration of my financial status, the Bank may consider the obligations referred to in this request as expired, they are prior interpellation, or in failing which I undertake to certify reliably that it has not diminished my financial solvency.
  19. All commissions, charges, the value added tax (VAT) 1, and other current or future National, Provincial and / or Municipal taxes and / or fees that are generated during the validity of the credits will be borne by the HOLDER and will be will add to the fees thereof. The operations managed through this channel will be achieved, regardless of what is established in GENERAL RESOLUTION AFIP 680/99. For those cases where the destination of the funds was used for “Property Acquisition” and / or “Real Estate Renovation or Construction”, the loan operation and the respective VAT exemption on interest must be managed, inevitably in a BNA branch. presenting the corresponding documentation.
  20. If the obligation falls into default, the BANK is expressly authorized to apply, from the moment in which it occurs and on the total of the debt due (capital and interest), the general portfolio active rate in pesos corresponding to the period of default, with its fluctuations over time, that the Institution has established or resolves to apply in the future and in general for obligations that have fallen into default. A penalty interest surcharge, which is set at 50% (fifty percent) of the compensatory interest rate applicable during the period of default, will also apply during the default period. Said modality may be modified if the BCRA so determines in the future.
  21. The delay will be produced by full right by the mere expiration of the term for payment, without prior judicial or extrajudicial interpellation.
  22. The BANK reserves the right to apply, in the event of default and from there, compensatory interest at the highest rate in force for operations in the active portfolio, with its fluctuations over time and the agreed punitive interest.
  23. If the option conferred by this clause is used, any other clause that opposes it will be void.
  24. I expressly authorize the BANK to proceed to capitalize the agreed and accrued interest up to the date on which the obligations contracted become delinquent. All in accordance with and in accordance with the provisions of Article 770 of the Civil and Commercial Code of the Nation.
  25. The form of payment of the credit will be by debit into account on which the HOLDER receives his Assets / Benefits and / or from any account he owns, expressly authorizing the BANK with the acceptance of these Terms and Conditions to debit the amount of each of the capital and interest installments (including taxes and charges) corresponding to the loan agreed by that Institution, said debit will be made on the date of deposit of my assets, regardless of the due date of the installments, obliging me to maintain the necessary funds in the same until the Bank makes such withholding.
    The account indicated is currently the one corresponding to the ASSETS ACCREDITATION, committing myself to notify the BANK if it is subsequently changed.
  26. I agree not to close the account where each of the credit installments will be debited until their total cancellation occurs, when the BANK cannot receive the amounts corresponding to the monthly installments of the obligations contracted through the contracted products / services. through the present, commissions and / or charges, taxes and any corresponding amount, once the expiration date of the same has elapsed, I will not be exempted from the obligation to pay the amount of the same at their expiration, nor from the emergent obligations arrears (compensatory and punitive interest). Otherwise, the BANK may consider the expired and enforceable debt, without the need for prior extrajudicial or judicial interpellation. I will be obliged to attend the contracted obligation in a timely manner,
  27. In the event of termination of employment (for whatever reason) I agree to go to the Bank to present the guarantees that the institution deems necessary in accordance with current regulations, as well as to pay the corresponding loan installments in a timely manner at the Bank’s subsidiary. that is indicated to me.
  28. If such guarantees do not have the total debt for capital and accrued interest, it must be paid within 30 business days after the date of separation. If the cancellation does not occur within the specified period, the debt will be considered overdue and its immediate payment is due, applying accordingly the provisions that govern obligations in arrears.
  29. The loan may be prepaid by the debtor in whole or in part at no cost.
  30. In accordance with the provisions of Communication “A” 5928 of the BCRA, the BANK, at its sole option, will contract life insurance with coverage of death and total and permanent disability in the company that the Entity selects, in order to cover eventual balances debtors derived from the requested products, assuming the cost of said insurance; or, failing that, it will proceed to self-insure the aforementioned cases.
  31. In the event that the operation is unpaid with a delay of 15 (fifteen) days in a row, I will have to pay a charge of 1.5% (one and a half percent) plus VAT, on the debt claimed for the management of prejudicial collection. Management Period: 75 (seventy-five) calendar days.
  32. In the event that the operation is unpaid with a delay of 91 (ninety-one) calendar days, I will have to pay a charge of 2% (two percent) plus VAT, on the debt claimed for extrajudicial collection management. Management Period: 90 (ninety) calendar days.
  33. I submit to the jurisdiction of the Federal Courts, expressly waiving any other jurisdiction and / or jurisdiction that may correspond to them.
  34. You can consult the “Transparency Regime” prepared by the Central Bank on the basis of the information provided by the obligated parties in order to compare the costs, characteristics and requirements of the financial products and services, by entering http: // www. bcra.gob.ar/BCRAyVos/Regimen_de_transparencia.asp ”.
  35. Any modification in the agreed conditions must be made in accordance with the provisions of point 2.3.4 of the regulations on “Protection of Users of Financial Services”.