What are dental veneers and in what cases are they used?

Dental veneers are thin porcelain or composite sheets that adhere to the visible face of the tooth to improve its aesthetic appearance.

Due to their aesthetic purpose, these sheets are placed on the buccal aspect of the front teeth , as they are the most visible when we smile.

Therefore, its objective is not to improve the functionality of the teeth, only to give them a more harmonious appearance .

They are elements that are created tailored to each patient in order to have the greatest possible naturalness when placed next to the rest of the teeth.

As we have already advanced, the function of these thin sheets is to beautify the smile. 

That is, to improve the teeth with which we are not totally satisfied due to their color, shape, size or position.

Therefore, dental veneers are used to correct defects as common as crooked teeth, broken, separated (diastemas)with spots, irregular or worn.

For example, cosmetic veneers can be an alternative to orthodontics in case a person wants to slightly change the shape of their teeth.

They can also be very effective on teeth that have become calcified or darkened after having a root canal

In these cases, the tooth would only recover its color through internal whitening