Get rid of all the doubts about our Cellular Insurance

What does it consist of?
It is a coverage in case your cell phone is stolen on public roads, offering you compensation so that you can replace the equipment that was stolen from you.
Where does it cover me?
It covers you for robbery on public roads, throughout the country 24 hours a day.
Yes, we have a wide variety of insured sums so that you can choose the one that best suits the value of your phone and you can replace it.
What documentation must I present to be able to collect the insurance?
– Police report.
– Pre-existence documentation (elements that certify that prior to the claim you had the goods in your possession). They can be: invoices, manuals, guarantees, etc.
– Proof of suspension of the line, withdrawal of IMEI and replacement of the chip issued by the service provider company. It is important that the certificate has letterhead, stamps and IMEI withdrawal.
– If you had an iPhone, the lock on ICLOUD. You can manage it from . At the end of the process, we ask you to take a screenshot of the process carried out.