How to apply self tanner to the body and face

As we explained, self-tanning is a product that can be found in various formats, be it spray, foam, gel, cream, stick —with waxes—, wipes, oil…. With the exception of those products that are applied without using the hands —such as the spray—, in all other cases it will be necessary to wear gloves . Keep in mind that if you apply it directly with your hands, they will color when you are in contact with the product for longer, which will give you away that you have used cream or bronzers – since this area does not tan.

Another thing that you should keep in mind is to carry out an exfoliation of the skin . Exfoliation will help sunless skin tanning products last longer, as dead skin will disappear and therefore take longer to renew. On the other hand, to answer how to have tanned skin it is important that you constantly moisturize your skin after you have applied your self-tanner. Being hydrated, cell renewal will be slower and the effect will last longer.

In case you want to know how to apply a self-tanner to the body, you should pay attention to not leaving areas without tanning. Therefore, the most recommended is that you always follow the same routine, from bottom to top. Start with one leg and then the other, working your way up to the torso and back, and finally to the shoulders, neckline and arms. You must be careful in the area of ​​the knees, as well as in the elbows, since it is more likely that there are excesses. If this happens, be sure to remove some of the product with a wipe.

Now, if you are going to apply it to the face area, the important thing is that you carry out, first, a good cleaning and exfoliation. Nor should you leave areas without applying these products to tan the skin without sun as white spots may remain. One of the most recommended cosmetics is Dove self-tanner, this absorbs quickly and is very easy to apply. In any case, try to do it in the most uniform and homogeneous way possible. Pay special attention to the areas of the eyebrows, fins of the nose or hairline, since there are more dead cells here and it is possible that the product accumulates, so the result will not look good. Also, do not apply makeup if you have just applied the cosmetic – at least, until the first four hours have passed.