Another point that should be taken into account when paying with a credit card is choosing the cheapest method to return the borrowed money. Paying at the end of the month without interest does not imply any extra cost. However, if you need to pay in several monthly installments, the key to saving is, according to HelpMyCash sources, pay in a short term and set high fees, long as they can be assumed without problems. This is because the longer the debt stretches, the more interest is paid.

Although at first glance the idea of ​​establishing very low fees may attract us, the truth is that in the long term you will end up paying more and financing will be more expensive. To check how much money it will cost to defer a purchase, you can use HelpMyCash’s free credit card calculator .


Financing with a credit card doesn’t always have to be more expensive. WiZink, for example, has launched two new cards with very cheap financing conditions. The Now credit card offers the possibility of accessing a loan of up to 2,000 euros within the approved credit limit and with an APR of 7.76%. Upon request, this money will be received in the account in which the card receipts are domiciled and can be paid in 6, 12 or 24 months.

On the other hand, the Click credit card , also from WiZink, offers the possibility of paying for purchases of up to 1,000 euros in three installments, without interest of any kind (0% APR). This plastic is an alternative if the amount to be financed is 1,000 euros or less and provided that you have the means to return it within the indicated period.

To contract WiZink cards, there will be no need to change banks and no maintenance or issuance fees will have to be paid.

In any case, not all cards offer these advantages to defer purchases and, in general, they are an expensive financing product. So if you need to pay back the money in many months or finance high amounts, it is advisable to resort to other cheaper financing options such as a personal loan or a pre-granted loan.