What does it mean when a car title is stamped?

In essence, a vehicle can be designated “salvage” in English or “rescued” in Spanish, when it is unfit to drive due to being damaged by an accident, flood, fire or any other circumstance. In some cases, a vehicle can receive the title “Salvage” if it has been stolen.

What happens when they have Wild Rose title?

Salvage-titled cars are those that were involved in accidents that severely damaged their structure and made them a dangerous means of transportation or not suitable for driving on the highway.

What does title Junked mean?

These are periods in which the number of definitive imports of used cars increases slightly, but there is no guarantee that this will happen because the requirements are complicated.

What does Salvage Certificate mean?

salvage title means that the car has suffered substantial damage, usually in an accident, for which the owner’s insurance company deemed it a total loss and its title, once clear, was “renamed” to salvage .

What does Export Only clean title mean?

title ” export only ” means that the car can only be registered and used outside the United States.

What does For Export Only mean?

The export only stamp is for the car to be registered in another country. So if you are buying a car with this seal on the title, you should know that it cannot be registered in the United States and you are breaking the law.

What happens when a title is rebuilt?

Basically, rebuilt title in Spanish means ” rebuilt title “, which means that a car, which previously had a salvage title, has been repaired and inspected by the competent authorities.

What does Export Only mean in a car title?

If the title is stamped with the legend: » Export Only «, it means that it was bought at auction with a Mexican license and they are stamped to avoid paying the corresponding taxes in the United States.

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