Article Marketing’s Real Value To Your Web Business

    (Source) Frequently, people would tell me that they literally “do not care about placement of their articles in ezines.” They continued to explain that they were only interested in placement on third-party websites for the purpose of influencing their search engine rankings.

If you have this attitude about article marketing then you are missing the point. If you have one article distributed to 10 article directories then you only have 10 links back to your website. If your article is picked up by 10 ezines at each of those directories then you have 100 links back to your website. But that’s just one benefit to getting your articles picked up by ezines. Another benefit is the immediate traffic that results from people reading your articles. Suppose, for instance, that you write one really kick a** article and it is picked up by one ezine with a circulation of 500,000. If you get a 1% response from that ezine publishing your article then you’ll have 5,000 additional people visiting your website within the space of about one week. Think you can handle that?

5,000 new visitors might not be much for some websites. But it could be double or triple for others, especially younger sites. Sure, the link back from the ezine and the directory from which they picked up your article is a great benefit, but what about those 5,000 visitors? Aren’t they beneficial? Those are potential customers. Convert 1% of them into buyers and you’ve got 50 new customers (from one article). Now multiply that success by 10 and you’ve got 500 new customers. Do it again and you could have 5,000 new customers. Would you rather have 5,000 new customers or 5,000 inbound links? Personally, I think it’s a no-brainer.

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