Products that rats don’t like

Other ideas that can help prevent the appearance of rats is to scare or drive away the mice / rats.
Some of the tips that we can offer you are:

They don’t like mint

As a general rule, peppermint is a fragrance that rats or mice do not like. We can make a home remedy by mixing water and mint (extract) and spraying it in areas of the house where we think rats could enter (doors and vents, for example).


Tabasco is not a smell that pleases the dreaded rodents either, another home remedy that we propose is a mixture of two tablespoons of Tabasco, detergent and water and follow the same procedure as in the previous section.

Aromatic spices

The strong aromas of cinnamon, cayenne, pepper, cloves and other especially aromatic spices are also not a saint for rats. One more proposal to prevent its appearance.


Spraying a mixture of ammonia and water in the corners is another proposal to prevent rats from entering your home. With ammonia they interpret that there is an animal larger than them in that location and they understand that it is a danger zone for them.


Less effective than the previous ones but perhaps a little easier to obtain, cheaper and more natural, we have the onion. This product to prevent the appearance of rats was used before the appearance of the rat killer.

Baking soda

If you mix 2 parts of baking soda, one of sugar and another tablespoon of flour, you can prepare another home remedy. It seems that sodium bicarbonate causes digestive collapse in rats and mice and leaves them KO.