Designing a Small COVID-19 Wedding

How to Make the Best Out of a Small COVID-19 Wedding?

Yes, a pandemic essentially sets your marriage apart, finding ways to celebrate both safe and passionate for yourself with a bit of creativity.

Host your movie wedding:

The couple decided not to cancel the festival and made the drive – movie – theme wedding planners in Jaipur. They thought it was placed on the big screen to watch and see the distant guests. After their star-vows, taco trucks and ice cream trucks were laid, and even the couple’s favorite movie twister had a show till 10 o’clock! This shows that you can even marry your dreams amid this madness, with a little imagination and serious rose-colored glasses.

Have a wedding tailgate:

One trend that comes about during the pandemic is parking lot destination weddings in Jaipur. But we love it this couple took it a step ahead with a tailor style setup! The guests would park their car and clumped along with their house, as the new couple would greet everyone at a safe distance through the rows. Then, there was a car parade reception. Weddings planners in Jaipur and tailgate – – are our two favorite things. How wonderful it is?

Distribute wedding catering:

Take LuxuryMyWedding, for example, they’ve launched a new delivery company, LuxuryMyWedding, in response to The Times. They’ll deliver their wedding dinners directly to your door and doors to your guests! It’s an ideal accompanist to watch a virtual wedding. Oh, and they can include wine or special cocktail bottles with delivery. 

Match your dress with a custom mask.

Wear masks on the wedding’s face. But make it fashionable. The bride made masks consistent with the wedding she made. Talk about talent! Luckily, she’s also creating a custom face mask for couple mates.

Deck out your Deck:

The corona couples are much displaced and turning the knot around the house into really beautiful opportunities. Use potted plants, flower baskets and lounge furniture outside the house to make meaningful “event space”.

Socially distanced Seating arrangements:

Weddings are allowed in some states, but it’s still best to make a social distance. Help your guests stay in their private space with a strategic arrangement of seating! Place on chairs in a pleasant yet distant structure, or cluster seat near the house.

Sing your melody loudly and proudly:

The two lovers had an intimate tawny over the dune, and although they were unable to find more days due to poetry 19, they made their love of the dune tops very meaningful.

Social distances wrist band:

We always want to take care of the comfort of our guests, due to which many couples show social dilation during their reception. Guests tell their comfort levels by wearing yellow, red or green bracelets. Because even with all security guidelines, some of your guests will still feel forced to hug each other. These wristbands bands help the guests avoid awkward hug positions.

Play a speech already recorded:

A very intimate and fantastic way to marry on your terms and your timeline! We like the fact that this couple made recorded speeches before their best man and maid of honor and looked upon all together to help champagne.

Change the lemon into lemonade:

This incredible couple changed their way to give back an annulled marriage. His wedding reception was canceled because of the coronavirus; but instead of a mercy party, he decided to offer all catering to the shelter of a local woman and children.