Roulette Variation: You’ve Probably Never Seen This Before!

There are several casinos that provide roulette, and it’s one of the most widely played games. When you first start playing this game, it appears to be a lot of fun, but as time passes, it becomes a bore. Well, there are a variety of Roulette variations given by any online casino provider, and they may be divided into several primary groups. This game has a number of traditional variations, including French Europe, American and Mini. Apart from that, roulette has the reputation of being an absolute classic when it comes to online casino games. Think it would be fun to play a familiar game with new twists and turns if it were spiced up with some unique differences?

Enjoy the game you know and love while adding a little bit of originality by playing it with some new rules and strategies. You must be well-versed in the numerous types of roulette, both American and European. You’ll learn about some roulette varieties that you’ve probably never heard of in this post. Try your luck at any live casino on the internet by reading this piece of knowledge!!!

Double Action Roulette

When it comes to this form of roulette, it’s all about shaking things up. You read that correctly, this isn’t your typical roulette game. Thereby two winning numbers were drawn every spin when the ball fell into one of two slots. You can gamble on any number, whether it’s on the outer or inner wheel or both with these features.

Prime Time Roulette

The name of the game gives away its main feature: you have access to 11 prime numbers on the wheel that can be beaten. When the prime number appears consecutively in this game, the payout is determined. Unfortunately, if the ball landed on a non-prime number when spinning the wheel, then that side of the bet loses.

Alphabetic Roulette

Alphabet roulette is a type of roulette that uses letters instead of numbers to avoid confusion. Let’s break it down in plain English. To play, you need to substitute a wheel with a table that has letters of the alphabet instead of the numbers you see on the wheel. Additionally, there are six different colours, and you must select four letters for each colour to complete the game.

Diamond Roulette

Mixing colours can be made more entertaining with this game. As opposed to the usual red and black, the diamond roller tea table comes in a variety of various colours, such as red, green, yellow, purple, black, blue, and many more. According to this, every colour has a six-digit number associated with it. It’s possible to place a bet on any reward between 5 and 1.

Back to back Roulette

There are two names for this type of roulette: Back to Back Roulette and Back 2 Back Roulette. Optionally, you can place a side bet on any lucky number with this edition. Your stake can be up to 1200 to 1 if your chosen number appears on the table twice in succession.

If you’re tired with the traditional games, you’ll want to try these variations, which frequently contain high house edges. In addition, why not try your luck at SlotKingCasino new games to win some real money? If so, go out and buy some.