The most recent treatment options for erectile dysfunction

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Here are few treatment options for erectile dysfunction:

  1. The medicines like Sildenafil Cenforce 100 or Fildena 100 are oral medicines that can help with erectile issues. The medicines are called PDE inhibitors and work by relaxing the arterial smooth muscle in the penis. Thus after the person is sexually stimulated gets firm erection and can have blissful sexual life.

These medicines have no side effects but in some rare cases the users may experience certain discomfort.  Get you online Store From Generic Villa.

  • Vacuum erection devices (VED) are commercially available for more than 40 years. It is made of a closed end plastic cylinder and a vacuum pump that runs either with hand or with battery. It is the most reliable, non-invasive, easy to use, and cheap gadget that helps in getting erection. It lasts for many years and after it is bought it can be used multiple times. The only side effect of the tool is that it is bulky, and results in hinge like erection that is only the visible part of the penis gets erection. Moreover, for most of the patients it is very painful.
  • Intracavernosal injection has also been used since the last 30 years. The method uses a small insulin type needle to inject vasocative  substance directly in the penile erection tissues. It is very successful way of getting erection and is widely used. However, this option is used only when the oral medicines like Vidalista 20 fail to work with the patients.               

The first injection is given by the provider and then for the subsequent injections the person and his partner are taught the procedure. Once they are trained they can follow the procedure and get the injections. The complication or side effect of this mode is that it is painful, could result in fibrosis, and gives prolonged erections.        

There are no sides effects of the injection and it is very successful option once the patient is comfortable with the idea of penile injection as injection in this part is more painful than any other part of the body. It is mandatory that one is properly trained before injecting. Moreover, buying the injection from a reputed platform ensures its quality.

  • Penile implant surgery- penile implant surgery is another effective option and various doctors are performing this on their patients. It is very surgery that involves minute invasion. In the scrotum the invasion is made and it is entirely self-containedThe modern implants allow excellent erection and during the sexual intercourse both the partners are very happy and satisfied. Even in the deflated state the penis looks very normal.

Thus if the pills and injections have failed then this option is the best solution. Thus if one desires to get normal erection then it is the best option and once the person is sexually stimulated there is firm erection.

  • Low-intensity shock wave therapy- this is the most modern therapy or treatment option for treating  erectile dysfunction. Research is still being conducted on the low-intensity shock wave therapy (LISWT). however in the European countries the treatment is being used and is giving satisfactory results.

It is successful for patients who are already taking medicines for erectile dysfunction. The treatment is however not meant for patients with severe type of dysfunction. It is a very safe and successful way of treating erectile dysfunction. It has very minimal side effects. It causes least discomfort.

Thus if you or your loved ones are struggling from erectile dysfunction then connecting with the experts is required.

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